Apply for the GNI Startups Boot Camp by August 8

Journalism startup team from Fresno, CA at an in-person version of the Boot Camp (2019). Photo: Phillip Smith

I don’t know what I enjoy more: running a boot camp that helps participants launch a journalism-first startup in just eight weeks, or the one-on-one coaching sessions that continue with each newly minted founder in the months that follow the boot camp. …

The ins-and-outs of “first-party data.” What it is, how you can gather it, and why it can give you an advantage over the big tech platforms with your advertisers.

(This post builds on episode II of the Journalism Growth Club podcast. Subscribe today and never miss a show!)

Remember that time you took the whole newsroom staff to Burning Man? Okay, maybe that didn’t happen, but I suspect you might have attended an event at some point in the…

Helping publishers who want to grow their audience and revenue online

The short version of this post is: In January I quietly launched a new company called Journalism Growth Lab. The aim is to help established publishers grow their audience and find paying customers using advertising platforms like Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tik Tok, YouTube, etc. …

How you can increase your chances of getting accepted, and what we’re looking for in prospective candidates.

Back in 2018, shortly after the first cohort of journalism entrepreneurship boot camp participants graduated, I reached out to many friends, advisors, and colleagues for input on how to grow the boot camp beyond the pilot phase.

One of the colleagues I reached out to was Josh Stearns at the…

A little preparation can go a long way toward de-risking your business model

“It’s at those moments of sharp sudden change, when the system is being shocked and shaken in various ways, that we might have the greatest opportunity to change things.” — Thomas Homer-Dixon, Author of The Upside of Down.

Back in 2004, a few close colleagues and I decided to test…

Phillip Smith

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